After a lengthy absence, I am returning with a new web site. As most of my associates know, I was ill for a long time from MRSA. I have recovered from this illness less a left hip and with MRSA in remission. To learn more about my history and involvement with spiritual awareness/growth, click on the link “About” for the English version or “Japanese About” for the Japanese version.

During my recovery, I have collected a wide variety of photographs of spiritual phenomena, friends as well as my canine kids. These photographs are located in my photo gallery. Simply click on the “Photo Gallery” link to visit the gallery.

I will be sharing insights, philosophy, awareness as well as tales of antics from the “kids” on my blog. Basically anything that comes to mind when I decide to write in the blog. Check in frequently to see what new items have been added.

My Japanese associate and friend, Yoshihiko Ito, has taken some of my insights into published form in Japan. With his dedication, hard work and excellent translation skills, several highly sought after books have been published. These books are only available in the Japanese language at this time. To see the book covers and titles (in English and Japanese) of these books, visit my book page.

I fully embrace helping people explore their personal spiritual philosophies, experiences, insights, etc. A page of links to other sites may be found by clicking on the “links” tab. All links on this page have to been reviewed and approved, especially unsolicited requests.

Throughout this site links to other information will be in the language of that information. For example, Japanese language sites/information will be in Japanese. English (US) language sites/information will be in English (US).

Concepts shared on this site are intended to bring interest and understanding to all readers. There is no one teacher or writer who has all knowledge and all answers. I encourage you to search for your personal peace and truth in whatever format you find interesting.

This web site is dedicated to all people striving to live their lives with peace, harmony, right action and unconditional love for all things.