William was born in Massachusetts and grew up in the country environment of central Massachusetts.  Growing up close to nature was a major influence in the directions of William’s adult life.

At a young age William learned to communicate with the spirit world, animals and birds, trees and plants as well as our planet earth.

William was licensed to preach by the United Methodist Church and ministered churches in up- state New York.  During the years in church work William never stopped his practice of spirit communication.

After leaving the Methodist church William and his family moved to Arizona where he studied with The University of Life Church. Native American interests and pre-production with TV commercials and documentaries played a large role in William’s life.

During the years in Arizona William was ordained a minister of the National Spiritualist Association.  While living in Phoenix William co-founded The Universal Life Alliance, a spiritual non-profit organization.  (TULA and IRS # and web address.)

William and Ruth A. Dettloff moved to Seattle, Washington were William continued his work channeling Dr. Charles James Peebles and other spirit guides.

William was a frequent guest and host on Psychic Northwest cable TV a talk show that focused making the spiritual world more understandable to the general public.

After moving to Lakewood, Washington, William had a hip replacement.  William became infected with the staph known as MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphyloccus aureus.  After many surgeries fighting the infection and 6 months in a nursing home his left leg is now 4 inches shorter than his right leg and he walks with wrist crutches.

William is now unable to work at any job that requires a specific schedule because of daily pain with some days being bad enough to require no physical exercise.

William, his partner Ruth and their two dogs, Kip and Rascal moved to Hawai’i to escape the difficult climate of the Pacific Northwest.

Since living in Hawai’i William joined the board of directors of MalamalamaK9 an animal rescue non-profit organization.  William is currently Secretary/Treasurer with Ruth A. Dettloff President and Joe Aquino Vice President.

As long as William’s health allows, he travels to Tokyo, Japan twice each year to visit friends. While there he receives frequent requests to give lectures and guide workshops. All proceeds from these activities are directly distributed to various charities around the world.